Speaking of Writing: Richard Maibaum Reflects on Broadway and Hollywood

Richard M. Maibaum (1909-1991) was an American writer, film producer, and playwright arguably most well-known for writing and co-writing film scripts for the first 13 James Bond films.

His son Matthew Maibaum (PhD, Government, 1980) recently collected and published his father’s many nonfiction essays in this newly published work.

The essays were written between 1949-1989. They cover his experiences as a Broadway playwright in 1931, his screenwriting days working on films such as The Great Gatsby and Foreign Correspondent, and his adapting Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels. The collection offers a deep look into his passion for telling a good story, something he felt was truly important when writing for the stage or the screen. Matthew Maibaum not only has done a service to his father’s career with this collection, he’s done a service to readers as well. (Page Publishing) Speaking of Writing is available at Page Publishing.