Meditations on the Trail: A Guidebook for Self-Discovery

On the heels of his previous acclaimed work, Zen on the Trail (which was featured in the Fall 2019 issue of The Flame), Chris Ives (PhD, Religion, 1988) gives us a companion piece in his Meditations on the Trail: A Guidebook for Self-Discovery.

Drawing on Ives’ Zen practices and deep study, the book comprises 24 guided meditations, each with its own commentary, in an effort to help us realize ourselves within nature. Modern life can be very chaotic; Ives book offers us a way to pursue stillness.

Labeled as a book for throwing into your daypack or pocket as you head for a hike, the book is described by reviewer Stephanie Kasa as ideal “for walkers of all paces and geographies…a helpful guide for savoring moments on the trail and feeling how deeply related we are to all existence.” (Wisdom) Ives’s book is available on the Wisdom website.