Positive Organizational Psychology Interventions

Design & Evaluation

This important new addition to the field of positive organizational psychology has been assembled and co-edited by household-CGU name Stewart I. Donaldson, Distinguished University Professor and director of the Claremont Evaluation Center, and recent alumnus Christopher Chen (PhD, Psychology, 2021).

This book includes the latest advances in positive psychology, offering concise analysis of positive psychological theory, its field of research, and its applications based on widely-studied and peer-reviewed evidence.

By looking at the growth of the field, its limitations and critiques, and the latest theory from emerging research, this volume serves as a vital tool for understanding just how far positive psychology has come, and how far it will go. The book serves as a one-stop resource for undergraduate and graduate students, along with positive psychology practitioners and enthusiasts. Not only does the book offer a clear picture of the field’s growth and state-of-the-art theory and research-driven interventions, it also features several DBOS students as authors. (Wiley) This positive psychology text is available online at Wiley.