Introduction to Theory-Driven Program Evaluation

Culturally Responsive and Strengths-Focused Applications

What does evaluation science look like in practice? Distinguished University Professor and Director of the Claremont Evaluation Center Stewart I. Donaldson gives us an up-close look in his new book.

Donaldson provides readers with a clear picture of evaluation science that draws on many examples that demonstrate how evaluations actually unfold in the field. While the early chapters look at the history of theory-driven program evaluation, later chapters give readers actual cases and ask us to consider the real-world implications of these evaluation practices.

As many organizations confront limited resources and tighter budgets, the necessity of using evaluation to assess the effectiveness of their programs is becoming more important than ever. Donaldson is a pioneering figure in this field and serves as a thorough guide for readers who want to know more about this field but don’t know where to begin. (Routledge) Find Donaldson’s book at Routledge, Taylor & Francis.