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Topic: Faculty

Ellis Cumberbatch

Ellis Cumberbatch was instrumental in building mathematics at CGU and fostering collegiality and cooperation among the math programs of The Claremont Colleges.

2022 Spring

Do Companies Need Vision Statements?

A company’s mission statement is never enough, say the authors of a new book on management styles. That book is the result of a close student-professor collaboration typical at CGU.

2022 Spring

‘A Unique and Fulfilling Privilege’

A longtime colleague and friend of the individual known as “the father of flow” felt grief at the news of his passing and gratitude for the many years they spent collaborating.

2022 Spring

Why Does Alcohol Turn People Into Jerks?

Drinking might make some people more friendly and generous, but Paul Zak’s new research shows that’s not always the case when a group activity is involved.

2022 Spring

Dear Pandemic

Which groups of people were more resilient in coping with the isolation of COVID-19? Kathy Pezdek asked participants in a very small study to let her peek at their diaries.

2022 Spring