The Concise Oxford Companion to American Literature

In true and definitive CGU collaborative fashion, Professor of American Literature and American Studies Wendy Martin and Danielle Hinrichs (PhD, English, 2005) worked together to update the newest edition of The Concise Oxford Companion to American Literature.

The original 1986 edition was edited by James D. Hart of UC Berkley, and it featured nearly 325 biographical entries of contemporary writers. In the second edition, Martin and Hinrichs update the work of their predecessor to help reflect the evolving landscape of diversity in American literature. With the editors’ priority to feature and fully represent the impact of women writers and writers of color, the new edition fully diversifies the pool of entries and features more than 230 new additions.

The edition also includes contributions from several CGU students, past and present. Featured are the entries of current doctoral students in English Blake Anderson, Michelle Arch, Kimberly Carroll, Eunice Kim, and Timothy Han, and alumni Myles Jeffrey (MA, English, 2020) and Jordan Wheatley (MA, English, 2020). (Oxford) Access this edition online at Oxford Reference.