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Class Year: 2014

Matt Dubin

As an expert in Culture and Leadership Development, Matt Dubin (MA, PhD, Positive Developmental Psychology) instructed a two-part LinkedIn Learning course titled Finding Flow in Hybrid Work. While working as a Scientific Advisor for Share Ventures,… Continue reading Matt Dubin

Ran Zhao

Doctoral student Ran Zhao (MSFE/Math) and Lu Zhu co-authored “The Externalities of Credit Default Swaps on Stock Return Synchronicity,” which was published last year in the Journal of Futures Markets. Zhao also presented on “Credit Derivatives and Corporate Default Prediction,” “Improving Asymmetric Stochastic Volatility Models with Ex-post Volatility,” “Bond Volatility and CDS Auctions,” and “Credit Risk Contagion in a Network Economy: Evidence from Supply Chain Data” at various finance association annual meetings in 2020/21,… Continue reading Ran Zhao

Sherif El-Sabbahy

Sherif El-Sabbahy (MS, Math, 2014; MSFE, 2015), Miguel Lopez Velarde (MSFE, Math, 2015), Hanutosh Baria (MSFE, 2017), and Naomi Rinaldi (MBA, 2016) participated in a virtual panel discussion moderated by Professor Ayça Altintig in mid-February. They shared personal experiences from their professional journeys and offered students advice on how to prepare for a successful career in the finance industry.… Continue reading Sherif El-Sabbahy